Preparing for the Walkthrough – Apartment Staging Tips to Appeal to Renters

August 5, 2016
Apartment Staging with Top Floor Insurance

Similar to open houses for homes, staging an apartment unit is key in attracting prospective renters and compelling them to want to live in your apartment community. Investing the time and resources upfront to prepare a few units, will make the apartment walkthrough go smoother and will showcase the best parts of your living space.

At Top Floor Insurance, we recommend you use these 8 techniques to prepare your units for apartment tours.

  1. Eliminate funny smells. Have you ever walked into a place and couldn’t appreciate its beauty because of a funny or odd smell? Make sure hallways, staircases, and the staged unit smell clean and well-kept. Don’t forget other often smell-inducing areas like the bathroom, refrigerator, or trash receptacles.
  2. Have the unit(s) professionally cleaned. Even if the previous tenants cleaned the unit before moving out, hire a professional crew to do one more scrub down. Remember, prospective renters will look more closely, and stains on the floor that you may have missed during a walkthrough can be major eyesores for would-be renters.
  3. Shampoo or buff the floors. If you have carpeted floors, get them shampooed. If you have wood floors, get them buffed. This also includes making sure floors in common areas are clean and well-maintained. After all, the soon-to-be tenants will have to go through these areas during the tour and appearances are everything.
  4. Clean the windows – inside and out. In the midst of cleaning, windows are often forgotten. If you have a unit that has lots of natural light or large windows, having them clean adds to the overall appeal of the unit. Fingerprints, debris, or otherwise dirty windows may detract from the unit’s beauty. This also extends to mirrors or any glass furniture in the staged unit. Make sure all of these surfaces are clean and void of marks, as much as possible.
  5. Set the right temperature. Walking into a very hot or very cold unit can be a red flag to potential renters. This could signal that the temperature control in your building is off and may not make for a comfortable living environment. When possible open windows to get a fresh cycling of air and set thermostats to 72 degrees in the summer or 75 degrees in the winter.
  6. Turn on the music. Grocery stores and shopping malls seem to always have mellow music playing – and for good reason, it boosts our shopping mood. Having music, even at a low volume, can make the experience more enjoyable. It also brings the space to life and helps the renter envision themselves in the space. If the unit has a fireplace, consider having a fire going during the winter to set a welcoming and relaxing ambiance.
  7. Add some color to the walls. Bright distracting colors or boring white walls can make it hard for renters to imagine themselves in the space. Find a good balance between colors to enhance the appearance of the unit. Remember, the more welcoming and inviting the space, the easier it will be for the renters to envision themselves living there.
  8. Move furniture to maximize space. No one likes to feel like they live in a shoebox. Using the right furniture in the right arrangements can make even the smallest spaces seem bigger. Putting up large mirrors can also open up rooms to look larger than they really are. Have clear walking spaces for apartment tour guides to easily navigate around to showcase the unit’s features.

Staging an apartment is a bit of an art form. It requires a balance between making the space seem livable and modern. At Top Floor Insurance, we have decades of experience working with apartment community owners across the nation. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to attract new renters or want to save at least 20% on your insurance premiums, Top Floor Insurance is your go-to source. If you want to make sure you’re receiving the best insurance policy for the cost, contact us today and we’ll do a full insurance coverage analysis and quote. Give us a call at 404-266-3218.