Tap Into Video Virtualization to Attract Tenants

October 21, 2016
Video Virtualization with Top Floor Insurance

When prospective tenants are considering your apartment community, taking a tour of the unit at their convenience can be a key selling point. Giving website viewers access to view your units and building amenities are a great way to engage them early. Leading apartment complexes around the country are leveraging virtualization technology to attract tenants and give them a glimpse into the living experience at their property.

To add video to your website does not have to cost thousands of dollars. You can use a mobile device to record short snippets of video in the common areas, the units, and some of the amenities like pools or fitness centers. You can quickly upload these videos to YouTube or Vimeo and have them embedded on your website. Plus, you can easily share them on social media every so often, to give Facebook and Twitter followers an inside peek into your apartment community.

You may also consider getting video testimonials from current and former tenants. These are a sure way to build credibility and let prospective tenants hear the many benefits of living in your community, straight from those who have lived there. Image montages or collages have also gained popularity in the apartment industry. If you have a gallery of images, consider weaving them together into an automated slideshow or video.

Leveraging freelance videographers and graphic designers on sites like Fiverr can help you get professional videos done, for pennies on the dollar. Other video design resources like Promo and Biteable can be other options to create eye-catching videos to attract renters to your property. Whenever possible, getting the most accurate images and videos of your property is essential. You would not want to portray features or images that are not a fair representation of your property.

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